The Co-Curate project has now drawn to a close.

Co-Curate was an online platform through which contemporary art can be inspired and made by its audience.

Created through a collaboration between Kingston University and the London Sinfonietta, the platform invites audiences to respond to a range of briefs conceived in collaboration with educational institutions, composers and artists. The public were invited to take part by uploading your own sound, words, still or moving image to this website, and together contributions would help form new works of contemporary music and art.

Co-Curate was the outcome of a knowledge exchange project between Kingston University and the London Sinfonietta, supported by a Creative Works Voucher. Initially conceived by Professor Frank Millward, the aim of this research project is to offer opportunities for audiences to take part in meaningful, interactive and creative ways of making new work, stepping closer to the artistic experience.

The project has been been researched and developed by Charlie Murphy with contributions from a wide range of BA, MA and Phd students including Zeus Rodman, Robert Gardner-Sharpe and Alexander Reynolds. The Co-Curate digital platform was kindly researched, developed and built by Ash Ghafoor and Andy Belsham from Kingston University’s Multimedia Department.

The project was developed in collaboration with a team at the London Sinfonietta including Elizabeth Davies, Andrew Burke, Amy Forshaw, Theresa Veith and Sarah Tennant.

We would like to thank Creativeworks London for their support.